31 December 2013

Its all about NEW YEAR !

Hei everybody, how your day? 
Everything alright?
Is there any your wishes that you not yet archived?
 (Sudah! hentikan semua ini!)
Mulai saat ini, aku akan cuba menulis dalam bahasa inggeris dan melayu juga. sebabnya, aku masih lagi tergagap- gagap untuk menulis dan sebab paling utama aku rasa annoying bila baca balik ayat aku yang berterabur tu :'( sedihnya but, i will try the best for my English. 
Tahun baru dah masuk kan, so what your wish?
To be a good person ? (everyday we have to wish to be a good person REMEMBER THIS!)
Selain tu nak jadi sihat. 
Kewangan yang stabil
Macam - macam kan. Ada juga yang nak kahwin. So, good luck pada semua. Semoga cita- cita korang semua tercapai dengan izin Allah InsyaAllah..
Apa yang aku nak kongsi dekat sini, tak lah berilmiah sangat.
Cuma aku nak minta kawan- kawan semua doakan aku untuk tahun ini. Tahun ini adalah tahun yang agak berat untuk aku. 
InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah, aku akan grade hujung tahun ni. 
Walaupun nampak macam lama lagi tapi sebenarnya tak. (PLEASE Trust me T_T)
Hanya Allah yang tahu apa aku rasa untuk tahun ni.
dan.. aku mungkin aku akan tinggalkan blog ni sampai aku habis semester ni.
Cuti nanti baru aku buka balik. (Berhabuklah gamaknya)...
Apa- apa pun, good luck untuk korang semua !
Aja- aja fighting!

27 December 2013

I Love Them !

Assalamualaikum !
Hai my beloved bloggers and my friend !
So, how your day?
Like others days, or today is very meaning for you.
Friday : The Master of all day!
 and " Don't forget to read surah al- Khafi "

Before we proceed, I want to apologize if you don't understand my word. Yeah, I am still learn how not to use MANGLISH in my sentence. I'am very sorry.. :'(
Oh My Lord, Allah ! I fall in love with them ! Yeah, this is true story and very old love story.
Who are they?
Here they are! They make my day. HAHAHA :D I love both of them very much.. !
Don't judge so soon, they not my brother but is most like that.
My mom is a babysitter, she take care of them every single day.
 They are very cute right ! Look they smile :) 
Even sometime they make my day so miserable !  I'am still love them. The way they smile, the way they cry.
(ALONG!! nak air, ALONG tengok dia ni) like this.
Okeylah, enough for today. I have work to do. Sambung nanti. Amek kau! Assalamualaikum... !

23 December 2013

Life Changing ^,^

Assalamualaikum every body..
First, i want to apologize to anyone who feel annoying when reading my entry.
Suddenly right? hahaha
Like my title say, LIFE CHANGING !
Actually starting now,  I will try to do entry in English languages.
Why so suddenly??  because...
i want to practice my English 
My English is so broken even I'am now is 21 years old !  Ya Allah !

Do entry in English is part of my changing mission :D but the truly mission in changing is maturity.
Matured in what ever we do.
Like what we say, what we wearing, and also what we want to do.

Hmm, if have any ''MANGLISH'' in my word, sorry ... :'(
Okey, proceed to our topic.
Why we have to change??
It is because, we are grow up! yeah, from oldest to adult..

I think that all for now, i don't have idea now. 
Write in English make my brain stop thinking!
so typical! ok bye3!